Scent, sex, and seduction Your perfume pick can make him feel special.

"If you wear a fragrance you know he likes, it demonstrates that you're paying attention to his tastes and making an effort to please him," says Christopher Brosius, perfumer and founder of CB Limited in New York City. The easiest way to find a perfume he likes: Take him shopping with you. If you can't get him to a perfume counter, rip out a whole bunch of scent strips from a magazine and make him smell them one after the other to see which one he likes best. Give him a cup full of coffee grounds to sniff between whiffs to cleanse his olfactory system. Showing you care about his opinion will stroke his ego, and wearing a perfume he loves ensures he'll always want to nuzzle your neck.

His scent can help you decode his personality.
The cologne a guy wears sends a signal about what he's like and how he wants to be perceived by others, so pay attention to it to gain insight into his passions and deepen your connection with him. Psychologist and sociologist Joachim Mensing, PhD, identifies six male personality types and their preferred fragrances. Men who are uncomplicated and enterprising tend to go for fresh citrus, zesty, and herbaceous scents. Reflective loner types prefer warm, spicy, mysterious, Oriental notes. The supersocial spontaneous male likes light, cool, and invigorating scents; while a more reserved and sophisticated man is into warm, natural, woody fragrances. The suave metrosexual types gravitate toward colognes with leather and tobacco in them. Likewise, rugged noncomformist guys like leathery scents too but with a cooler edge.

You know that scent has power, but you might not be aware of how much of an impact it has. Recent studies show it can reveal all sorts of clues about your guy.

The scents he gives off — for instance, the way his skin smells and his cologne choice — provide emotional and sexual clues about him. Read on for some fascinating findings.

His cologne can actually help you decode his personality. Take a whiff. According to Terry Molnar, executive director of the Sense of Smell Institute in New York City, the scent a man picks reveals how he wants to be perceived by others. Suss him out quickly with the chart below.

How he smells can determine if he's marriage material.

Research shows that a woman can use smell to sniff out the right guy for her, reproductively speaking, says Kerner. "The theory is that men and women with different genetic footprints are attracted to each other's scents." An easy way to tell if you're a match? If you like the smell of most of the things below.

--> His side of the bed
--> His skin sans cologne
--> His unwashed tees
--> His baseball hat
--> His body after a jog

Certain scents can arouse him like crazy
Fragrance has an immediate impact on our psyche, says Molnar. The brain registers scent and then connects it with a memory — so every time you get a whiff of something familiar, you're taken back to an experience that you associate with it. You can easily turn on your guy with a spritz. Studies suggest that certain aromas actually increase men's penile blood flow — try perfumes with those at right!

Delicious scents can make you more kissable
Nearly 90 percent of taste is really about smell. If you're biting into something that already drew you in with its scent, you're more likely to enjoy it. The same goes for kisses: If a guy is attracted to the smell, he'll dig the kiss. So what does the ideal kiss taste like? In a study, Alan Hirsch, M.D., director of Chicago's Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, found that single and married men dig entirely different aromas...

Putting on perfume can boost your sex life
"Wearing a fragrance that makes you feel confident, flirtatious, and happy increases your appeal to others, which in turn can also help your sex life," says Herz. Research shows that citrus blends have an uplifting impact on your mood, but any type that psychs you up will do the trick. Think you've hit a rut? Check out the warning signs below that you need a sexier spritz.

A familiar fragrance can reveal true feelings for an ex
How you react when you detect an ex's scent can unlock feelings you may be unaware of, says psychologist Rachel Herz, Ph.D. Smell his cologne, then assess your feelings. If you smile immediately and it lingers, you may still have feelings. If you get angry, like you want to vent, you're so done with him. If you need a few whiffs to feel anything, you're not that into him.

Fragrances can keep a long-distance relationship alive
A University of Pittsburgh study found that when both men and women smelled their significant other's clothing when they were apart, they felt happy and secure. If your boyfriend is on a trip or lives zip codes away, borrow his cologne and spritz it on a scarf or tee shirt, says Molnar. This will give you an instant bonding effect.