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Create WhatsApp Viral Wishing Script

If you are a Blogger you should know how to Create WhatsApp Viral Wishing Script for any event like:

#Happy Christmas Day,

#Happy New Year,

#Happy Holi,

#Happy Diwali,

#Happy Republic Day,

#Happy Independence Day,

#Happy Friendship day,

#Happy Valentines day and many more such events.

#Event Blogging Script for Blogger is very easy to make.

Here, you can see the Demo Script. 

How to Earn Money from Whatsapp Festival Sharing Script?

You can Monetize your Wishing Blog by placing ads of ad Unit because it get viral on social media very 


You can use your own product ads or you can prefer other one like-



#Affiliate marketing

#CPA offers



and many other Ad Networks

By pasting the ads unit ad code in festival wishing website script, you can earn money. The thing that you have to do is to viral that created wishing script through social media before the festival get over.

You can share this Christmas day script and can easily monetize your Blog.