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Welcome All Smart Moms

Welcome All Smart Moms ! Are you an Ex-Corporate or currently Working ? Be a part of an Fantastic Opportunity where in you can Work in part time or full time. Earn Additional source of Income in continuation of Exiting  Job or Education. No Targets. Earn on Daily/Weekly/ Monthly Basis FAQ's Q: Is this a Job?  A: No, this is not a just a Job.This is something your own work or you will be our Co-founders. Q:How Many Hours of Working Needed? A:There will be flexible working hours those who want to work 8 - 10 hrs rigourously, we have that model as well ,also  we have part time work option where you can 4 to 5hrs a day .  All in your control Q: Why Investment ? A:Investment is required for all the trainings that our team going to deliver to develop you as a Co-Founder  for  the different S tart-Ups. Work Seriousness has been observed after Investment only. Q: Will that be Online Work totally? A: Our working will involve max

Promotion Packages Designe

AeroSoft Corp  ( Division of Aircrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd ) Every Successful Venture in Life with a Price to Pay!! Female Enterpreneurs if you want to Establish your Start-Up you have Promotion Packages Designed by our T eam.         Package Includes: 1)   Andorid App Development 2)   Blog Development 3)   Extended SEO/SMM for One Year 4)   Business Listing  5)   Pamplets / Flyers A4 Size 1000 6)   Leaflets 100 7)   Tech Support One Year  8)   Digital Marketing / Social Media  9)   Business Cards-1000 10) Domain Support 11) Hosting Support 12) Email ID -  1        [Redirect to your gmail Id] Price: 60000/-   AeroSoft Corp ( Division of AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd ) comes with Life Time Oppurtunity For Extraordinary Female   Enterpreneurs Only those who are coming up with Start Ups !Lead the Show by this Innovation of Technology @  60,000/- Contact   Call  +91  9977513452 www.AirCrewsAv