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Falodi Shopee

Falodi Shopee
Age : 21Years To 35 Years Education : Graduate / Diploma

An exclusive territory serving a large community of businesses that could 
generate an income in excess of Rs 100,000 p.a*.
We’re looking for Savvy Womans with a passion for business and a desire to  help business owners achieve their dreams to join our friendly and dedicated team.
As Full member You’ll receive invaluable advice and knowledge from your fellow 
Regional Partners – and we’ll provide the help and support you need to get your own area up and running as soon as possible.
Full membership of the BFA demonstrates our commitment to run our franchise professionally and fairly and to offer our partners a viable business opportunity.
#Training, marketing support and ongoing mentoring by a senior partner.
#Flexibility and a perfect work/life balance to offer greater job satisfaction.
#Cloud-based IT systems allowing the business to be run from anywhere.
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