The starting point for every journey is knowledge, if you have the knowledge about the path on 
which you have to travel, then the journey is going to be easier and more successful. We at 
Vestige would emphasize that when you have registered yourself as a Vestige Distributor, please read 
the marketing plan and understand the opportunity which lies in front of you to fulfill your 
dreams.Vestige Marketing plan has been designed to be an equal business opportunity for all those who get associated with Vestige. The Marketing Plan ensures that you earn in proportion to the efforts 
you put in and provides benefits such as leadership bonuses and pool income. These incomes are 
further enhanced by combining the downlines performances so that it is always beneficial to create 
more leaders in your group. As the downlines become successful, you become even more successful.
To be a successful entrepreneur in your Vestige business you just have to follow these success 

steps-  Be a regular user of products
            Earn by sharing the products
            Enrich by sharing the business
           Enrich yourself by enriching 
vestige Health Care  products

Spirulina is an ideal food supplement, since it is a rich 

natural source of protein, iron, vitamins, minerals and 

pro-vitamin A. It is one of the best natural source of 

anti-oxidants with natural anti-aging properties. Pro-vitamin 

A present in Spirulina helps protect eyesight and calms your 

nerves and helps you fight stress.
Spirulina helps reduce cholesterol and benefits your heart. 

Spirulina provides your body with all the essential nutrients 

required daily, leaving you fresh, active and energetic 

                                                                                      throughout the day


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