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IARCRating Certificate
App Title:All in one Furniture Online Shop AppCertificate Issued To:AeroSoft Corp
Certificate ID:b2790f0a-cdc8-4f06-b7a3-eb7a47574937Storefront:Google
Date Issued:Tuesday, July 9, 2019
The assigned ratings may only be used on digital storefronts that have licensed IARC. These ratings may not be used on any physical product.
Rating AuthorityRegionRating CategoryContent Descriptors
ESRBThe AmericasE
GenericOther Regions3
A permanent record of this certificate may be accessed here.
For more information about the rating authorities above, please click here
If any of the ratings listed above appear to be incorrect, a rating check request can be made here. Prior to soliciting this service, please ensure that the questionnaire submitted for this certificate was filled out correctly. Note that this process may take 1-3 business days to initiate and will likely require additional materials to be submitted to reach a final decision.
Terms under which this rating is provided:
  1. You agree that your responses, which will be used to rate this product, are complete, accurate and take into account all content in the product submitted for rating.
  2. The rating authority for each region reserves the right to revise the rating assigned to your product for that region if it determines that such rating is not appropriate for the product. In such cases, IARC will automatically notify participating storefronts and require them to update the displayed rating information. You will also be notified and required to update the rating information wherever it is displayed outside of the storefront (e.g., advertising, product websites).
  3. The assigned ratings may only be used on digital storefronts that have licensed IARC. These ratings may not be used on any physical product.
  4. The ratings are trademarks of their respective rating authorities and may be used only when assigned and only for purposes of informing consumers about the content and age-appropriateness of the product.
  5. If you believe a rating was incorrectly assigned to your product, you may request a rating check directly from the corresponding rating authority by using the "request a rating check" link provided.
  6. These ratings may only be used for the product listed on this rating certificate and subsequent changes and additions to that product (e.g., updates, add-ons, downloadable content) that would not change your questionnaire responses concerning the product.
  7. If subsequent changes or additions to the product (e.g., updates, add-ons, downloadable content) would change your questionnaire responses concerning the product, then you must resubmit the product and receive a new rating certificate for the product.
  8. For the benefit of consumers, the rating authorities strongly encourage you to use the assigned ratings on all advertising and marketing materials, subject to the Advertising And Marketing Guidelines For IARC-Rated Games.
  9. You acknowledge that this rating certificate is issued by IARC and your use of the assigned ratings does not imply or guarantee your compliance with the rules, laws or regulations which may be applicable to the advertising, marketing or sale of your product in any region or jurisdiction.


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