Icrimefighter : A New Combat Tool By Jyoti Dhiman

 Icrimefighter :  A  New Combat Tool

By Jyoti Dhiman

16,214 murders were reported in 2018 in US and this number excludes the train of other crimes like fraud, theft, and scams. Each and every crime scene is visited and scanned by teams of police investigators no matter how remote or secluded the spot is.

A typical crime scene comprises of police officers of different ranks doing various tasks like some of them are scribbling notes, some are quizzing the bystanders whilst some are clicking pictures. Even the crime shows have always pictured investigations in aforesaid manner and we too take it all for granted. But have you pondered for a moment what an uphill task it is to carry all those equipment and stationery to the remotest corners of the nation.

Why icrimefighter?

But definitely the manufacturers of icrimefighter app have not only given that a thought but also figured out an incredible solution by launching an ingenious app like this. And what’s more interesting that a team of investigators are already using this app to help them with evidence collection.

Here are some of the perks of this app and a narrative of how it is changing the world for the investigators.

Huge storage:-

The App can be installed in any smartphone and it comes equipped with its own cloud memory. In fact if the officers don’t have an official handset they can install it in their personal smartphones and as the app comes with it own cloud storage, all the data is naturally stored in the app itself.

Less baggage:-

As the app has it’s own memory it can easily accommodate a lot of data like photographs, video recording, voice recording and the app allows you to put notes on the stored data.

This way the officers don’t have to bother to carry their notebooks and other equipment like digital camera or voice recorders to the crime scene.

Data management:-

Almost all the departments are using the same App so the data transfer within and across the departments becomes easier and expeditious. As all the departments follow the same procedure of storage and nomenclature, this has also minimised the loss of data or misplacement of the documents. This also helps with building a repository of data with minimum investment and loss of information. The app gives easy and round the clock access to the information while facilitating quick retrieval.

Facilitates decluttering:-

The app is making the life easier for the officers as it helps in decluttering the repository and also helps in sorting out the information rapidly and more efficiently. This actually helps in speeding up the entire procedure of investigation.

Reduces budget:-

The app not only reduces the burden of using more than one equipment to collect the evidences but also wanes the budget used for buying and sustaining the expensive gadgets for the purpose of evidence collection.


The app has very useful privacy settings which enables the user to share data with selective users. This helps in shrouding the confidential information from being breached. 

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